Your Third Step - Analysing your options

You want to save money on energy, but you have a day job, time is short, and the market for energy solutions seems overwhelming.

Follow the BOOM! software's simple, five-stage process to make solar, storage energy efficiency quick and simple to assess, prioritise and implement.

Stage Three - Analysing, justifying and selecting your options

One thing to get your head around before starting an energy retrofit program, is how to sequence them. BOOM! Helps you make these decisions quickly and easily using its intuitive Options Analysis tool.

Options analysis is the third stage of the BOOM! Platform - so let’s confirm those before we delve any deeper:

The five stages are on continuous repeat and can be accessed at any stage. Ongoing data monitoring (step 5) enables quick, proactive, and effective decision making over time, and means you're prepared for new technologies (like batteries) as they reach maturity.

How to think about options analysis

From a purchasing point of view, and so from an options analysis point of view, you can think about products in groups, or packages, based on their supply chains:

LED lighting and solar can often be bought together from one contractor. 

Hot water, heating and cooling can also be procured together and installed by the same trades.

Insulation, draught-proofing and sealing can also be purchased and installed from one contractor. 

When reviewing your energy upgrade options, sometimes it helps to group them in this way.

Complications can include switching from gas to electric (for heating, perhaps), or making your buildings more efficient. These options can increase your electricity use, which affects how you size your solar system and the return on investment you can expect.

You also need to decide how you’re going to pay for solar and energy efficiency, and factor them into your budgeting, planned maintenance, and asset management plans.

Heat pump hot water unit (Source: Sanden)

Lighting and solar typically have the fastest, most reliable payback, followed by hot water upgrades, heating and cooling. Paybacks are even better if they're embedded in your asset management program via planned or reactive maintenance. Also, BOOM! Stage Five supports proactive asset management by telling you when and where to consider new products and solutions, or simply where energy cost savings will justify replacing what you have.

Don’t forget insulation and draught-proofing. The financial and health impacts are often hard to measure (although BOOM! Stage Five still applies), as they may not result in significant changes to your energy usage. Rest assured, BOOM! will guide you through it.

Given so many product options and variations, how and where do you start buying?

Procurement decisions will reflect your goals and objectives. Most likely, questions you will ask yourself, and answer at BOOM! Stage Three will include:

What’s most important to us - money, environmental benefits, timing?

How long do we want this program to take?

How are we going to pay for it?

For example, these questions may result in a strategy built around funding opportunities - state and commonwealth government funding for rooftop solar remains generous in most cases - but they may also be temporary. So, it could make sense to target rooftop solar first. Or you may want to take advantage of lighting subsidies, for example.

If you are trying to get to zero emissions across your property portfolio, then switching from gas to electricity is a must. When working with a limited budget, this could mean replacing gas heating and hot water systems as part of reactive maintenance - doing so can accelerate paybacks from 15-years+ to under eight years, as you don’t need a budget for like-for-like replacements in future.

Aiming for zero emissions could also mean oversizing rooftop solar in the short-term, knowing that in the next few years you’ll be switching from gas to electric heat pumps for hot water, heating and cooling, and so should install larger solar systems now, to cope with future increased demand.

solar installer

Alternatively, if maximising your return on investment is less important than your emission targets, or timeframes, then big budget items like solar, hot water, heating and cooling retrofits can be done at the same time. Lower cost (but no less important) items like lighting, insulation and draught-proofing can be installed together, sweeping through properties en masse with a single, trained retrofit team procured quickly and easily via BOOM! Stage Four - Competitive Procurement.

No matter how you go about it, the BOOM! platform’s five stages are designed to help you deliver your ongoing energy goals in the most efficient way possible, now and in the future.

The BOOM! Stage Three - Options Analysis tool is built for this purpose. At any time, you can set a budget, prioritise energy products and solutions based on financial and non-financial metrics, such as emission reductions (or whatever’s important to you - just let your BOOM! Guide know), and instantly justifying and selecting the best options for your properties.

Why use BOOM! Stage Three - Options Analysis

The three key BOOM! advantages are:

The BOOM! Stage Three - Options Analysis process is simple and intuitive, designed to be followed quickly and easily by anyone. No energy expertise required!

You can use Options Analysis to evaluate and analyse tens, hundreds or thousands of buildings’ business cases, covering all products and solutions. You can then decide what to procure and install, and how much you should spend. Once you’ve made those decisions, you’re ready to use the BOOM! platform’s integrated e-procurement service described in BOOM! Stage Four - competitive tendering.

From there, BOOM! Stage Five - Monitoring and Verification allows you to benchmark and compare what’s happening in your properties against the business cases you created in BOOM! Stage Two. You can update your Executive team, Board or customers on the financial and environmental results at the touch of a button.

Time to give BOOM! a try?

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