July 12, 2019
The "get solar quotes" model is dead. But Why?

Ok, this is kind of a weird title to have for a blog on our site.

I mean, BOOM! is a place to get solar quotes after all, as well as free advice and (in our humble opinion) we have the best real time solar and storage calculator too.

But here is the thing, we think the solar quote model is dead and done, and we think BOOMPower is the answer. But don’t just take our word for it, here are the 3 big reasons why BOOM! is the best way to go solar.

Reason 1: Get Solar Quotes (not the old fashioned way)

When we first got the internet, no-one was really sure how to use it, or how to use it in a way that was useful. It took time, and it took trial and error. Some internet businesses came and went with the dot com boom and bust. Some survived and thrived.

The first time I got solar for my house, I actually used an online get quote service. I handed over my name and number, I think my address too, and within 10 minutes I had calls from at least 4 sales people, pressing me for a meeting and selling me their solar system special of the day. It was horrible.

I regret this decision

Having worked in energy for a while by then, I was kind of prepared, but kind of shocked too. Solar sales people can be pushy - bear in mind my first job was as a recruitment consultant! Pretty much the most cut-throat sales industry going around.

I digress.

So three of them turned up, some got on my roof to measure up, and all of them sat down with me, with their 30+ page , A4 laminated pricing sheets, detailing the cost for every solar size, design and brand configuration.

These guys mostly knew their stuff, one of them clearly didn’t, but I nearly fell of my chair seeing solar system prices organised like this. It was very 1980’s! But here we were in the 2000’s. They would have to re-price and re-print these things every month!

Since that moment, I knew there had to be a better way.

We have the internet. We have smart software. Surely, we can create a get quote service that shows real market prices, in real time, without the need for a one hour sales visit while thumbing through 30 pages of price lists?

Oh look! this is what happens when you click "get quote" at boompower

Solar quote comparison

BOOM! So that’s what we’ve done. No more awkward sales meetings, just play with our online calculator, click “Get Quotes” and see real time market prices straight away. From there, you can ask questions, arrange inspections, do more research, or just accept the quote. Easy.

If you get stuck, no problem, just contact us.

Need help working out if your solar system can fit on your roof? No problem, just message and we can check for you, no obligation no charge.

And no need to hand over your personal details to a solar company until you are ready to buy and go solar your way.

Here's my first solar system at home - a 4kW system split North and West, Trina panels on a Fronius inverter.

Reason 2: Solar Panel Prices. Melbourne. Geelong. Bendigo. Does it matter?

Pricing solar panels is actually a lot simpler, and a lot more standardised, than most people would think. Residential solar pricing is largely standardised in Australia, as we’ve become a more mature industry.

It is now normal practice in Australia, to offer solar quotes without the need for a site visit. Your quote will be subject to confirming important details, like the state of your switchboard, and potentially taking more precise roof measurements where a design is complicated or tight for room. But most, if not all of these details, can be resolved before coming to site.

Detailed satellite imagery and experience means we can optimise solar panel design without leaving the desk. Exchanging site photos can help clarify switchboard details and site access points. Every now and again, prices may be adjusted after a site visit, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Solar system design

Some people will tell you, “It's impossible to know what solar power will cost until someone gets on your roof!” I’m sorry, this is just plain wrong. 

Significant money is saved by not having multiple suppliers do multiple site visits and quotes. From these savings, small variations in final installation costs are typically absorbed by the supplier once they get to site and complete the work. In our experience, having arranged large-scale tenders for hundreds of houses, significant variations are rare.

By showing you solar panel prices online, direct from suppliers servicing your area, BOOM! saves you time. Just as importantly, this saves time for our suppliers — savings that come back to you in the form of better pricing, and supporting free advice from us, your independent solar experts.

When you boil it down, there is actually no need for someone to spend an hour on the phone, and hour in the car, and an hour at your home, to tell you your 5kW solar system will cost $7,000 including GST. They knew that before they left the office!

Reason 3: Solar Panel Brands and Inverters

Ok, the last big reason.

Typically when you handover your details to a get quote service, you get hit with sales calls. We’ve gone over that.

What you’ll also get (this is what happened to me) is conflicting advice on what the best solar panel brands are, and which inverter is the must have. And let me tell you, it is really hard to make sense of that advice, while on a phone call with some trying to make a sales.

Don’t get us wrong. There are some seriously good operators out there in the solar market. We are lucky enough to work with a few of them.

Sales people aren’t lying to you when they say, “Trina panels are the only brand we recommend”, or “I know it costs more, but we think the LG panels are worth it”. They are just giving you their version of the right decision, usually to make their products and price look better than the company next to them.

Who would blame them? Not us! It’s how it's always been! Well, not any more.

BOOM! closely scrutinises the brands that suppliers offer on our platform. We won't let any through that we wouldn't be happy with at our own homes. Where there are differences between brands, like warranty, we try to make this as upfront as possible.

So once you have worked out what solar system is right for you with our online solar calculator, and hit “Get Quotes”, you can be sure that no matter the supplier, the solar panel brand, or inverter brand, you can buy with confidence.