Who is BOOM!?

Boom works with residential, business and not-for-profit customers to make it easy to buy solar and storage.

Why BOOM!?

BOOM! It's what you want to shout when you go solar (and storage).

It's a feeling of freedom. It's knowing your bills are under control - at last.

It's knowing your hard earned is working on your roof, not propping up corporate HQ of some energy company, down the line.

But going solar can also feel like hard work. Hustlers will sell you the solar dream, on the phone and door-to-door. Friends have stories, and advice to give. Some bloke called Bob reckons solar panels are #fakenews. Every week a new story in the paper or online says solar this, solar that.

Who do you trust?

We think BOOM!

BOOM! Is 30 years experience, helping people just like you get power bills under control. We know solar. We know storage. We know energy - that’s hot water, heating, cooling, tariffs, you name it.

We are geeky enough to geek out if you want to go there.

But we know most people just want simple solar answers they can trust.

The BOOM! team

We combine 30 years of solar experience, some fancy degrees, five kids and some small scale agriculture to keep us grounded on the weekends. One of us even worked at the CSIRO.

We are a modern, distributed team for a modern distributed energy market, with a presence across regional Victoria, serving people and organisations throughout Australia.

Alex Houlston
Alex leads strategic partnerships and project delivery. Alex is the extrovert on the team, who has lived and breathed major projects in social, affordable and sustainable housing for over a decade.
Tosh Szatow
Tosh takes care of the technical stuff. He has been a consumer advocate, CSIRO scientist and is always up for taking on crazy ideas, so long as they are crazy enough to work.
David Perry
David is an engineer and scientist, and self-proclaimed CTO of Boom (no-one seemed to mind). He has dabbled in neuroscience, agriculture and supercomputers.

BOOM! projects

BOOM! is the evolution of an energy service provided by Energy for the People since 2012. Now, with BOOM!, we have put the service online, giving our customers a great experience, and us the ability to deliver more projects, to more people, with the same high quality service.

Since 2012, we have been involved in assessing or delivering over $100M (actually probably way more) of solar projects, ranging from helping individual households go solar, to developing innovative models for small scale solar farms.

We consider our most important work to date as being catalysts and managers of over 2,500 kW+ of solar installed on social housing properties (we are currently in the process of doubling that), ensuring some of society's most vulnerable can benefit from rooftop solar. On many sites, we’ve combined solar with efficient lighting, heating, cooling, battery storage and hot water upgrades, to help bring power bills under control for those who need it most.

BOOM! is for social benefit

We are, and always intend to be, a social business. It’s our way of saying "No" to Christmas parties on yachts, and "Yes" to feeling good all the time. If you are creating work or educational opportunities, directly or indirectly for the long term unemployed, young people at risk, or those at risk of homelessness, we would love to discuss how we can help. We donate 50% of our after-tax profits to the cause, including via our partners the Community Housing Industry Association and Give Where You Live Foundation. Get in touch if you are want to partner with us.